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Our Approach

Founder First

MENA Focus

Seed Stage



First and foremost, we back people. We know every founder is different and we look for those with special attributes, unique to themselves. We spend most of our time in many, open and candid conversations together.

We care about our region and see the Middle East as an underdog. Today, times are changing faster than ever, and more incredible founders are building more ambitious companies across MENA. For us, this means the GCC, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

We like to be the first institutional check in a company because that’s where true, long-lasting partnerships are formed and where we can play a major role in increasing the likelihood of a startup’s success. We invest as early as Pre-Seed, mostly at Seed, and sometimes at Late Seed.

We work side-by-side with our founders to solve some of their hardest challenges and we strive to be their first port of call. That means we are heavily engaged, informed, and aligned with the happenings at the company.

We have a lot of respect for founders and we don’t like wasting their time.. We are fast and we know speed is important for a founder’s journey. Each partner holds their own conviction, but we ensure that diversity is brought to our process.

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