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Kayra Yasa

Investment Analyst

Kayra has forged her own path at a young age, becoming one of the first employees of Virex Health at the age of 21, a 9-person startup that developed at-home diagnostics. Virex was acquired by Sorrento Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRNE) as of February 2022. She is also on the Board of The Shrimp Society, a community of 150+ early-stage founders in Miami.

Kayra was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, before moving to Miami at the age of 10. Prior to jumping into the world of startups, Kayra was studying Materials Science & Engineering, a pursuit cut short with Virex.

Kayra joined COTU as an Investment Analyst and is supporting the team across investments, portfolio management and investor relations.

Kayra cold-emailed Amir to meet for coffee after reading all of his Medium articles, which resulted in a COTU offer a month later.

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